Three-dimensional surface inspection for semiconductor components with fringe projection profilometry



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Deng, F., Ding, Y., Peng, K., Xi, J., Yin, Y. & Zhu, Z. (2016). Three-dimensional surface inspection for semiconductor components with fringe projection profilometry. In S. Han, T. Yoshizawa & S. Zhang (Eds.), Proceedings of SPIE 10023: Optical Metrology and Inspection for Industrial Applications IV (pp. 100230Y-1-100230Y-12). Bellingham, United States: SPIE - International Society for Optical Engineering.


With the increasing integration level of components in modern electronic devices, three-dimensional automated optical inspection has been widely used in the manufacturing process of electronic and communication industries to improve the product quality. In this paper, we develop a three-dimensional inspection and metrology system for semiconductor components with fringe projection profilometry, which is composed of industry camera, telecentric lens and projection module. This system is used to measure the height, flatness, volume, shape, coplanarity for quality checking. To detect the discontinuous parts in the internal surface of semiconductor components, we employ the fringes with multiple spatial frequencies to avoid the measurement ambiguity. The complete three-dimensional information of semiconductor component is obtained by fusing the absolute phase maps from different views. The practical inspection results show that the depth resolution of our system reaches 10 μm. This system can be further embedded for the online inspection of various electronic and communication products.

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