Sliding Mode Predictive Tracking Control for Electric Vehicle Using Steer-By-Wire System



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C. Huang, F. Naghdy & H. Du, "Sliding Mode Predictive Tracking Control for Electric Vehicle Using Steer-By-Wire System," in World Congress Experience, 2018, pp. 1-7.


Recently, a lot of electric vehicle (EV) has been developed to improve the energy consumption problem and electric power steering system has attracted the researchers' concern. Steer-by-Wire (SbW) system is an electric steering system where the mechanical link between the steering wheel and front wheels is eliminated. Due to the absence of direct mechanical linkage, the most challenging issue is to ensure that the front wheels closely follow the driver's command. A sliding mode predictive controller (SMPC) for Steer-by-Wire systems (SbW) is proposed to achieve a proper tracking performance. The sliding mode predictive controller has two parts: sliding mode control (SMC) and model predictive control (MPC). The SMC is applied to improve the robustness of MPC in the presence of model uncertainties while the MPC is applied to enhance the tracking performance of SMC. The simulation results and experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed controller in steering angle tracking tasks.

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