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Jing, Y., Sun, H., Zhang, L. & Zhang, T. (2017). Variable speed control of wind turbines based on the quasi-continuous high-order sliding mode method. Energies, 10 (10), 1626-1-1626-21.


The characteristics of wind turbine systems such as nonlinearity, uncertainty and strong coupling, as well as external interference, present great challenges in wind turbine controller design. In this paper, a quasi-continuous high-order sliding mode method is used to design controllers due to its strong robustness to external disturbances, unmodeled dynamics and parameter uncertainties. It can also effectively suppress the chattering toward which the traditional sliding mode control method is ineffective. In this study, the strategy of designing speed controllers based on the quasi-continuous high order sliding mode method is proposed to ensure the wind turbine works well in different wind modes. First, the plant model of the variable speed control system is built as a linearized model; and then a second order speed controller is designed for the model and its stability is proved. Finally, the designed controller is applied to wind turbine pitch control. Based on the simulation results from a simulation of 1200 s which contains almost all wind speed modes, it is shown that the pitch angle can be rapidly adjusted according to wind speed change by the designed controller. Hence, the output power is maintained at the rated value corresponding to the wind speed. In addition, the robustness of the system is verified. Meanwhile, the chattering is found to be effectively suppressed.



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