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Zhang, N., Liu, C., Wu, X. & Ren, T. (2018). Dynamic random arching in the flow field of top-coal caving mining. Energies, 11 (5), 1106-1106.


The large mining height fully mechanized top-coal caving mining technique has developed rapidly and become the most extensively used mining method for ultra-thick coal seams. The arching of coal/gangue and the drawing out of gangue are peculiar phenomena in the process of fully mechanized top-coal caving mining, which not only affects the recovery of top-coal, but also affects the quality of the coal. This paper studies the arching phenomenon in top-coal caving mining process of ultra-thick coal seam. A series of laboratory granular material simulation experiments were performing and a top-coal arching model in the framework of mechanics was established to explore the formation characteristic of arches and their effects to top-coal loss. Then the countermeasures against the arches and technology path of intelligent mining based on improving top-coal recovery were put forward and performed in practice. The results show that the recovery ratio of top-coal has increased nearly 6%, and increased the production efficiency at the same time. The research on arching mechanism and removing strategies of dynamic random arches effectively improves the efficiency of fully mechanized top-coal caving mining in ultra-thick coal seams, and provides the foundation for the realization of intelligent top-coal caving mining technology.



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