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Qi, Y., Indraratna, B. & Vinod, J. S. (2018). Dynamic Properties of Mixtures of Waste Materials. In T. Qiu, B. Tiwari & Z. Zhang (Eds.), Proceedings of GeoShanghai 2018 International Conference: Advances in Soil Dynamics and Foundation Engineering (pp. 308-317). Singapore: Springer.


The stockpiling of waste mining by-products, i.e. steel furnace slag (SFS) and coal wash (CW) has brought significant environmental hazard and attracted research attention to reuse them in a more innovative way. In recent years, SFS+CW mixtures have been successfully applied in geotechnical projects, while the inclusion of rubber crumb (RC, from waste tyres) will extend them into dynamic projects. Thus the investigation of the geotechnical properties of SFS+CW+RC mixtures under dynamic loading is in urgent need. In this paper, the dynamic properties (i.e. shear modulus and damping ratio) have been explored based on extensive drained cyclic triaxial tests. The influences of number of loading cycles, RC contents, shear strain level, and the effective confining pressure have been presented. The dynamic properties of SFS+CW +RC mixtures presented in this paper will be essential for the application of the mixtures in the seismic isolation projects or railway foundation.



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