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Liu, G., Wang, M., Wang, A., Wang, S., Yang, T., Malekian, R. & Li, Z. (2018). Research on flow field perception based on artificial lateral line sensor system. Sensors, 18 (3), 838-1-838-24.


In nature, the lateral line of fish is a peculiar and important organ for sensing the surrounding hydrodynamic environment, preying, escaping from predators and schooling. In this paper, by imitating the mechanism of fish lateral canal neuromasts, we developed an artificial lateral line system composed of micro-pressure sensors. Through hydrodynamic simulations, an optimized sensor structure was obtained and the pressure distributionmodels of the lateral surfacewere established in uniformflowand turbulent flow. Carrying out the corresponding underwater experiment, the validity of the numerical simulation method is verified by the comparison between the experimental data and the simulation results. In addition, a variety of effective research methods are proposed and validated for the flow velocity estimation and attitude perception in turbulent flow, respectively and the shape recognition of obstacles is realized by the neural network algorithm.



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