Designing Student's Guide - Information System Model Based on Students' Needs



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Vlahu-Gjorgievska, E., He, Y., Tang, S. & Wu, Y. (2018). Designing Student's Guide - Information System Model Based on Students' Needs. 11th IADIS International Conference Information Systems 2018 (pp. 265-270). Portugal: IADIS Press.


University students always need to deal with many problems in their college life. Although there are several existing applications that can help students solve the problems, it is not easy to find and use them. Therefore, there is demand for a general information system that will save students time and effort from swiping among different applications. The aim of this paper is to deliver a high-level design of a completely integrated Student Guide information system model to assist students in their campus life. The expectation of the presented system model is to be compatible with most of the universities' current systems. The information system features list is based on the needs analysis of the all relevant stakeholders. The features/functionalities are integrated into four main modules, which are study life, campus life, administration and personal accounts. The system model architecture is based on Client-Server model (C/S). Some of the features are local services, while others are provided as Web Services.

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