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Hadi, M. N. S., Ibrahim, A. A. & Sheikh, M. Neaz. (2018). Behavior of High-Strength Concrete Columns Reinforced with Galvanized Steel Equal-Angle Sections under Different Loading Conditions. Journal of Structural Engineering, 144 (7), 04018070-1-04018070-18.


Experimental results are presented for a new method of reinforcing concrete columns with galvanized steel equal-angle (GSEA) sections. For the same cross-sectional area, a GSEA section has a higher second moment of area than a conventional steel bar, which leads to a higher bending stiffness of the GSEA reinforced concrete member. In addition, the area of confined concrete is higher in GSEA reinforced concrete members than in steel bar reinforced members, which results in higher strength and ductility. The experimental program involved testing of 20 square, high-strength concrete (HSC) specimens under concentric axial load, eccentric axial load, and four-point loading. The specimens were reinforced longitudinally with either four N12 (12-mm-diameter deformed steel) bars or four GSEA sections and transversely with R10 (10-mm-diameter plain steel) bars. The specimens were 800 mm high with a 210 x 210 mm square cross section. Fifteen specimens were tested under either a concentric or eccentric axial load. The remaining five specimens were tested under four-point loading. Effects of the type of longitudinal reinforcement, spacing of transverse reinforcement, and loading conditions on the behavior of HSC specimens were investigated and discussed. Experimental results showed that, in general, specimens reinforced with GSEA sections had higher load-carrying capacities than the specimens reinforced with steel bars. In addition, the postpeak load-deformation behavior was observed to be more pronounced in specimens reinforced with GSEA sections than in specimens reinforced with steel bars.