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Xue, G., Fang, X., Hu, X. & Gong, L. (2018). Measurement accuracy of FBG used as a surface-bonded strain sensor installed by adhesive. Applied Optics, 57 (11), 2939-2946.


Material and dimensional properties of surface-bonded fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) can distort strain measurement, thereby lowering the measurement accuracy. To accurately assess measurement precision and correct obtained strain, a new model, considering reinforcement effects on adhesive and measured object, is proposed in this study, which is verified to be accurate enough by the numerical method. Meanwhile, a theoretical strain correction factor is obtained, which is demonstrated to be significantly sensitive to recoating material and bonding length, as suggested by numerical and experimental results. It is also concluded that a short grating length as well as a thin but large-area (preferably covering the whole FBG) adhesive can enhance the correction precision.



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