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Wang, H., Lu, C., Tieu, A. Kiet., Su, L. & Deng, G. (2019). Coupled effects of initial orientation scatter and grain-interaction to texture evolution: a crystal plasticity FE study. International Journal of Material Forming, 12 (1), 161-171.


Grain orientation and neighbourhood are two main factors that determine the in-grain and global texture. The coupled effects of them to texture evolution has not been well understood. In this work, initial orientations scattered from exact Cube at four different levels (2 ° , 5 ° , 20 ° and 45 ° ) were developed, running from near single crystal to polycrystal, which yielded grain-interaction at various grades. A crystal plasticity finite element model was developed and the predicted texture after a 50% and 75% reduction has been validated by experimental observations of both single crystals and polycrystals. When the deviation angles are small, the global texture is similar to that in exact Cube, where crystal rotation about transverse direction is dominant. Initial orientations of large scatter and grains of strong interaction led to high crystal rotations and the formation of rolling texture. To study the grain-interaction to specific grains, the orientations of neighbouring grains were replaced. It was found that texture evolution in the region close to grain boundaries is sensitive to grain-interaction, while crystal rotations in the inner region are basically determined by the initial orientation.



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