Autonomous lane changing control for intelligent vehicles



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Zhang, R., Zhang, Z., Guan, Z., Li, Y. & Li, Z. (2019). Autonomous lane changing control for intelligent vehicles. Cluster Computing, 22 S8657-S8667.


As an important content in intelligent vehicle technology, the design of lane changing path directly decides the quality of control in autonomous lane changing realization. This paper first summarizes the design principle of existing intelligent vehicle lane changing techniques. Then a novel lane changing path based on the X-Sin function is constructed. The X-Sin function is designed to combine the outstanding smoothness of sine function and the linear characteristic of the constant-speed shift function. With parameters including vehicle velocity, lane width and the maximum lateral acceleration, the proposed design solves the problems in lane changing path including jump point in lane changing path curvature and non-smooth lane changing path. A tracking controller is designed using quadratic optimum control to track the lane changing path. The effectiveness and steadiness of the proposed lane changing path is demonstrated by MATLAB simulation and real-vehicle experiments.

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