A Dual Canister Medicine IoT Dispenser



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P. James. Vial, J. Sansom, D. Stirling, P. Premaratne, L. Tran & M. Ros, "A Dual Canister Medicine IoT Dispenser," in 15th International Conference on Information Technology: Information Technology - New Generations, 2018, pp. 167-173.


This study describes an automated medicine dispenser that has enhanced functions provided by with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm. The prototype device outlined here is capable of delivering two different medicines at approximately the same time. This work describes the development of a medicine dispenser that incorporates some of the features of IoT devices for the home. It uses an Archimedes screw to deliver the tablets and incorporates basic levels of visual communication with the client, such as an LCD display and dispensing push buttons. The prototype developed illustrates the possible applications for the home that can be provided by the IoT paradigm.

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