Practical and secure telemedicine systems for user mobility



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Rezaeibagha, F. & Mu, Y. (2018). Practical and secure telemedicine systems for user mobility. Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 78 24-32.


2018 Elsevier Inc. The application of wireless devices has led to a significant improvement in the quality delivery of care in telemedicine systems. Patients who live in a remote area are able to communicate with the healthcare provider and benefit from the doctor consultations. However, it has been a challenge to provide a secure telemedicine system, which captures users (patients and doctors) mobility and patient privacy. In this work, we present several secure protocols for telemedicine systems, which ensure the secure communication between patients and doctors who are located in different geographical locations. Our protocols are the first of this kind featured with confidentiality of patient information, mutual authentication, patient anonymity, data integrity, freshness of communication, and mobility. Our protocols are based on symmetric-key schemes and capture all desirable security requirements in order to better serve our objectives of research for secure telemedicine services; therefore, they are very efficient in implementation. A comparison with related works shows that our work contributes first comprehensive solution to capture user mobility and patient privacy for telemedicine systems.

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