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Wu, T., Chen, C., Han, J. & Ting, R. (2017). Effect of bolt rib spacing on load transfer mechanism. International Journal of Mining Science and Technology, 27 (3), 431-434.


Rock bolting has firmly used as the coal mine roof reinforcement in underground coal mine. The bolting effect of fully grouted rebar bolt is closely related to the bolt surface profile. This paper provides an experimental study to confirm that bolt rib internal length has great influence on bolting effect. Pull-out tests were conducted using rebar bolt with different rib spacings of 12, 24, 36 and 48. mm representatively from steel tube and from concrete. Results show that peak load increases 25.3% for bolt with large rib spacing. For pull out using concrete block, the increment of peak load between large and small rib spacing is not significant, but the bolt with large rib spacing has great absorption of deformational energy than small rib spacing bolt. This study provides experimental evidence towards optimum design of rock bolt for understand coal mining industry.



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