Intelligent Shape Regulation Cooperative Model of Cold Rolling Strip and Its Application



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Yang, L., Yu, H., Wang, D., Zhang, Z. & Jiang, Z. (2017). Intelligent Shape Regulation Cooperative Model of Cold Rolling Strip and Its Application. Steel Research International, 88 (7), 1600383-1-1600383-11.


A new strip shape control model is established to achieve the synchronizing control of complex shape defects, which can not only takes advantage of the mechanism model's strong analysis ability, but also combines with the fast online calculation function of intelligent model to reduce the poor efficiency regulation. Firstly, the dynamic target strip shape is expressed with the Legendre polynomial contained various components to describe all kinds of online shape targets, so it is easier to compare the shape control effect. Secondly, with the dynamic influence matrix and the efficiency function, some different control methods can be tightly combined in one regulation cycle to carry out the synchronous parallel control and the serial relay regulation, respectively. At the same time, by the DE-ELM method, the intelligent shape control model can play an important role to improve the regulation efficiency of the online strip shape. On the other hand, the collaboration regulation model can make full use of all the effectiveness of each control methods according to their respective characteristics, so that the high precision of the strip shape control is able to be obtained.

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