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Chan, C., Yu, T. & Zhang, S. (2018). Compressive behaviour of square fibre-reinforced polymer–concrete–steel hybrid multi-tube concrete columns. Advances in Structural Engineering: an international journal, 21 (8), 1162-1172.


Fibre-reinforced polymer-concrete-steel hybrid multi-tube concrete columns are a new form of columns recently proposed at the University of Wollongong. An multi-tube concrete column consists of an external fibre-reinforced polymer tube and a number of circular internal steel tubes, with the space inside all the tubes filled with concrete. This article presents the first ever experimental study on square multi-tube concrete columns. The experimental program included a total of 14 stub column specimens tested under axial compression, with the test variables being the thickness of the external fibre-reinforced polymer tube, and the dimensions and configuration of the internal steel tubes. The test results demonstrated that the concrete in the square multi-tube concrete columns was very effectively confined by the multiple tubes, and that the buckling of the internal steel tubes was completely prevented, leading to full structural utilization of the materials and a very ductile response. The test results also showed that the behaviour of the concrete in the square multi-tube concrete columns was significantly superior to that in the corresponding square concrete-filled fibre-reinforced polymer tubes, in terms of the compressive strength, the ultimate axial strain and the stiffness of the second branch of the stress-strain curve. A simple analytical model proposed for the axial load-axial strain curve of square multi-tube concrete columns is also presented and is shown to provide reasonable and conservative predictions of the test results.

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