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Samiee, A., Casillas, G., Ahmed, M., Savvakin, D. G., Naseri, R. & Pereloma, E. (2018). Formation of deformation-induced products in a metastable-B titanium alloy during high temperature compression. Metals, 8 (2), 100-1-100-10.


A metastable-β titanium alloy, Ti-10V-3Fe-3Al (wt. %), was subjected to thermo-mechanical processing including the compression test at 725 °C, which is below the β transus temperature (780 °C), and at strain rate of 10−3 s−1. The presence of phases was determined using transmission electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. Although the dynamic recovery took place together with slip, both deformation-induced α” martensite and ω were detected as other operating mechanisms for the first time in metastable-β titanium alloy deformed in α + β region. The volume fraction of stress-induced α” was higher than that of the same alloy deformed at room temperature due to a higher strain applied. Stress-induced twinning was not operational, which could be related to the priority of slip mechanism at high temperature resulted from thermally-assisted nucleation and lateral migration of kink-pairs.

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