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Godbole, A., Wypych, P., Soh, W. & Matthews, B. (1999). Pseudo-shock in supersonic injection feeder. In M. P. Schwarz, M. R. Davidson, A. K. Easton, P. J. Witt & M. L. Sawley (Eds.), Proceedings of the second international conference on CFD in the minerals and process industries (pp. 107-112). CSIRO Australia.


The flow in a Supersonic Injection Feeder involves relatively thick boundary layers in a narrow channel. When the pressures at the extremities of such a duct are adjusted to produce a compression shock, the shock structure is radically different from a plane discontinuity. This difference arises solely due to shock wave-boundary layer interaction, and gives rise to the so-called "pseudo-shock". In this paper, results of CFD simulations of a pseudo-shock in clean gas (air) are compared with predictions of the "Diffusion" model, the "Modified-Fanno" model and with experimental results. An analysis of the effect of small particles on pseudo-shock structure is offered in the form of extensions of the analytical models and CFD simulations.