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Mai, A., Sheikh, M. Neaz. & Hadi, M. N. S. (2018). Investigation on the Behaviour of Partial Wrapping in Comparison with Full Wrapping of Square RC Columns under Different Loading Conditions. Construction and Building Materials, 168 153-168.


This study investigates the behaviour of square reinforced concrete (RC) columns partially and fully wrapped with CFRP under different loading conditions. The experimental results of twelve specimens with 150 mm x 150 mm cross-section and 800 mm height tested under concentric axial load, eccentric axial loads and four-point bending are presented in this study. The experimental results showed that partial and full wrapping increased the strength and ductility of square RC column specimens. The increase in the strength and ductility of fully wrapped square RC column specimens was higher than the increase in the strength and ductility of partially wrapped square RC column specimens under all loading conditions. However, the increase in the axial load eccentricity (concentric, 25 mmeccentric and 50 mmeccentric axial loads) resulted in a significant decrease in the maximum axial load with the largest reduction observed for fully wrapped specimens compared to partially wrapped specimens. The experimental axial load-bending moment interaction diagrams showed the better performance of partially and fully CFRP wrapped square RC specimens compared to non-wrapped square RC specimens.



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