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Al-Hedad, A. S. A. & Hadi, M. N. S. (2019). Effect of Geogrid Reinforcement on the Flexural Behaviour of Concrete Pavements. Road Materials and Pavement Design, 20 (5), 1005-1025.


This paper presents results of an investigation of the effect of geogrid reinforcement on the flexural behaviour of concrete pavements. Six concrete slab specimens having dimensions of 900 x 900 x 60mm were prepared and tested. Three of the specimens were unreinforced and taken as references. The other three were reinforced with a triaxial geogrid layer located at 40mm from the top of the specimen. To support the specimens during the testing, two layers of recycled rubber having a side dimension of 900mm and a 60mm total thickness were used. According to the location of the applied load, the specimens were divided into three groups. Each group included two specimens (unreinforced and reinforced specimen). The specimens of the first group were tested by applying a load at the corner of the specimen. For the second group, the specimens were tested by applying a load at the edge of the specimen. The load was applied at the interior of the specimens for the third group. The monotonic test load was applied at a rate of 0.25 mm/min. Study parameters investigated in this study included the ductility, fracture energy and formation of cracks of the specimens. Test results obtained indicate that the flexural performance and cracking resistance of the concrete slab specimens reinforced with the geogrid can be improved.



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