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M. Islam, Y. Guo, Z. Wei. Lin & J. Zhu, "An amorphous alloy core medium frequency magnetic-link for medium voltage photovoltaic inverters," Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 115, pp. 17E710-1-17E710-4, 2014.


The advanced magnetic materials with high saturation flux density and low specific core loss have led to the development of an efficient, compact, and lightweight multiple-input multiple-output medium frequency magnetic-link. It offers a new route to eliminate some critical limitations of recently proposed medium voltage photovoltaic inverters. In this paper, a medium frequency magnetic-link is developed with Metglas amorphous alloy 2605S3A. The common magnetic-link generates isolated and balanced multiple DC supplies for all of the H-bridge inverter cells of the medium voltage inverter. The design and implementation of the prototype, test platform, and the experimental test results are analyzed and discussed. The medium frequency non-sinusoidal excitation electromagnetic characteristics of alloy 2605S3A are also compared with that of alloy 2605SA1. It is expected that the proposed new technology will have great potential for future renewable power generation systems and smart grid applications.



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