A novel design procedure for designing linear generators



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O. Farrok, M. Islam, Y. Guo, J. Zhu & W. Xu, "A novel design procedure for designing linear generators," IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, vol. 65, (2) pp. 1846-1854, 2018.


A number of research works have been carried out based on the optimization of linear generators for harvesting oceanic wave energy, but no significant method of shape optimization for determination of the optimal shape of linear generator has been found. Moreover, inclusion of some parameters, such as shape of linear generator's translator and stator, has been considered out of the scope of the conventional-, adaptive-, or knowledge-based genetic algorithms. This paper proposes a novel method through which any type of linear generator's shape can be optimized graphically. A mathematical model of the proposed method including human intervened genetic algorithm is presented. The proposed method has been applied to a direct-drive system-based linear generator where the maximization of electrical power output and minimization of steel core volume have been considered as the optimization objectives. The optimization parameters have been further optimized graphically within functional volumetric and electromagnetic constraints to achieve improved design solutions. The proposed method has included comprehensive geometric dimensions, magnetic, and electrical parameters. Finally, the shape of steel cores of the translator and special m-shaped stator of the linear generator is determined and simulated using the copper wire. This optimized shape of the linear generator is capable of satisfying the multiobjectives of maximal electrical power generation and reduction of its size. The ANSYS/Ansoft software has been used to create the platform for analyses of the whole system.

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