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Luo, L., Jiang, Z., Wei, D., Manabe, K., Sato, H., He, X. & Li, P. (2015). An experimental and numerical study of micro deep drawing of SUS304 circular cups. Manufacturing Review, 2 27-1-27-7.


Micro deep drawing is a promising technology for mass production of complex 3D micro metal products. Significant size effects at a micro scale, however, obstruct application of this technology and block utilisation of traditional finite element method (FEM). Therefore, a micro tensile test system was developed to obtain accurate material properties considering size effects. Subsequently, a Voronoi blank model was developed for the micro scale simulation. Moreover, micro deep drawing experiments were conducted and their results were compared with the simulation results. The simulation results have a good agreement with the experimental data. Furthermore, the wrinkling at the cup mouth increases with the growth of grain sizes on the SUS304 sheets.



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