Setup Models of Finishing Temperature and Rolling Speed for Hot Strip Mill



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Gong, D., Jiang, Z., Xu, J., Liu, X. & Wu, D. (2010). Setup Models of Finishing Temperature and Rolling Speed for Hot Strip Mill. Steel Research International, 81 (9), 62-65.


For the requirement of highly accurate finishing temperature control during accelerating hot strip rolling, the finishing temperature and rolling speed setup models have been successfully established. The relationship between the threading speed and finishing temperature was obtained, and a method to determine the speed, acceleration rate and high acceleration zone distance was proposed when the strip is rolled at high acceleration period using iteration calculation. A method to determine the starting and ending points of speed drop was discussed in the paper. In order to ensure the available characteristics of setup and control models, the self-learning strategies including the self-learning of the model coefficients, acceleration rate and slab temperature slope were built up in this study. According to the on-line control results of strip temperature composing of feed-forward and feed-back control models which was employed in a plant, the control accuracy of finishing temperature satisfies the requirement well.

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