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Bagulya, A., Brown, J. M. C., Burkhardt, H., Grichine, V., Guatelli, S., Incerti, S., Ivanchenko, V. N., Kadri, O., Karamitros, M., Maire, M., Mashtakov, K., Novak, M., Pandola, L., Rancoita, P. G., Sawkey, D., Tacconi, M. & Urban, L. (2017). Recent progress of GEANT4 electromagnetic physics for LHC and other applications. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 898 042032-1-042032-8. Journal of Physics: Conference Series


We report on the recent progress within the Geant4 electromagnetic physics subpackages. Several new interfaces and models recently introduced are already used in LHC applications and may be useful for any type of simulation. Significant developments were carried out to improve the user interface, develop models of single and multiple scattering, and validate high energy models. Part of these developments are included in the Geant4 10.2 release and the full set are available in the new version 10.3 of December, 2016.



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