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Archer, J., Li, E., Petasecca, M., Dipuglia, A., Cameron, M., Stevenson, A., Hall, C., Hausermann, D., Rosenfeld, A. & Lerch, M. (2017). X-ray microbeam measurements with a high resolution scintillator fibre-optic dosimeter. Scientific Reports, 7 12450-1-12450-7.


Synchrotron microbeam radiation therapy is a novel external beam therapy under investigation, that uses highly brilliant synchrotron x-rays in microbeams 50 μm width, with separation of 400 μm, as implemented here. Due to the fine spatial fractionation dosimetry of these beams is a challenging and complicated problem. In this proof-of-concept work, we present a fibre optic dosimeter that uses plastic scintillator as the radiation conversion material. We claim an ideal one-dimensional resolution of 50 μm. Using plastic scintillator and fibre optic makes this dosimeter water-equivalent, a very desirable dosimetric property. The dosimeter was tested at the Australian Synchrotron, on the Imaging and Medical Beam-Line. The individual microbeams were able to be resolved and the peak-to-valley dose ratio and the full width at half maximum of the microbeams was measured. These results are compared to a semiconductor strip detector of the same spatial resolution. A percent depth dose was measured and compared to data acquired by an ionisation chamber. The results presented demonstrate significant steps towards the development of an optical dosimeter with the potential to be applied in quality assurance of microbeam radiation therapy, which is vital if clinical trials are to be performed on human patients.

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