Implementation of high-resolution pinhole SPECT 3D image reconstruction



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Dai, Q. & Qi, Y. (2009). Implementation of high-resolution pinhole SPECT 3D image reconstruction. Atomic Energy Science and Technology, 43 (11), 1034-1038.


In order to achieve high-resolution pinhole SPECT image reconstruction, a novel lookup table (LUT) method was implemented in the ordered subsets expectation maximization (OSEM) algorithm including an effective compensation of the pinhole response. A standard Jaszczak phantom was used to evaluate the reconstruction algorithm. The results show that the OSEM algorithm with the LUT method can significantly reduce the CPU time and the usage of memory, and provide significant improvement of the spatial resolution of the reconstructed image. In conclusion, the LUT method with pinhole response corrections in LUT is an effective approach to implement OSEM algorithm for high-resolution pinhole SPECT image reconstruction.

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