Readout electronics of a high-resolution gamma camera



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Zhang, M. & Qi, Y. (2007). Readout electronics of a high-resolution gamma camera. HeJishu, 30 (7), 629-632.


To develop high resolution gamma camera, a novel readout method is adopted. The detector of the gamma camera is based on CsI(Na) scintillation crystal array coupling with position-sensitive photomultiplier (PSPMT). The novel readout scheme utilizes the truncated center-of-gravity (TCOG) method, which hybridizes the conventional resistive readout and the individual analogue readout. The TCOG design was tested on a readout circuit board made by ourselves. As a result, the gamma camera could achieve an intrinsic spatial-resolution of 1 mm. The field-of-view (FOV) was also improved to cover the active area of the detector. In conclusion, the TCOG method is an effective approach to developing high-resolution compact gamma camera. This method can also be used in the newly high-integrated multi-anode PSPMT.

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