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Ren, F., Zhang, M. & Sutanto, D. (2013). A multiagent approach for decentralized voltage regulation in power distribution networks within DGs. The Twelfth International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS2013) (pp. 1111-1112). USA: IEEE.


Voltage regulation (VR) is a procedure to keep voltages in a distribution network (DN) within normal limits. Conven- tionally, a voltage regulator can read voltage levels from pre- dened measures, and regulate the voltages. However, due to lacking of a distributed generator's (DG) information, the unexpected electricity from a DG will mislead readings on voltages levels, so as to disturb the VR in a DN. Adjust- ing a DG's reactive power output is an alternative way for VR. However, because of limited penetration levels, DGs need to collaborate with other devices in order to provide an eective voltage regulation. Therefore, how to eciently manage DGs to coordinate with other electrical components by considering the dynamics of a DN is a big challenge. In this paper, an innovative multi-agent approach is proposed to solve this problem. The proposed approach employs de- centralized control of agents on local VR, and also supports agents collaboration on global VR through dynamic task al- location and communication.