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Zhang, X. & Qi, Y. (2011). An analytical simulation technique for cone-beam CT and pinhole SPECT. Nuclear Science and Techniques, 22 (6), 338-343.


This study was aimed at developing an eficient simulation technique with an ordinary PC.The work involved derivation of mathematical operators,analytic phantom generations,and effective analytical projectors developing for cone—beam CT and pinhole SPECT imaging.The computer simulations based on the analytical projectors were developed by ray—tracing method for cone—beam CT and voxel—driven method for pinhole SPECT of degrading blurring.The 3D Shepp Logan,Jaszczak and Defrise phantoms were used for simulation evaluations and image reconstructions.The reconstructed phantom images were of good accuracy with the phantoms.The results showed that the analytical simulation technique is an efi cient tool for studying cone—beam CT and pinhole SPECT im aging.