Fume generation and control in GMA welding



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Norrish, J. (2003). Fume generation and control in GMA welding. In S. David, J. T.DebRoy, J. Lippold, H. Smartt & J. Vitek (Eds.), Trends in Welding Research: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference (pp. 349-356). Arizona, USA: ASM International.


The paper outlines the recent work carried out by several Australian research organizations in a joint effort to elucidate the mechanisms of fume formation, the morphology and . composition of particulate and potential methods of fume control. These studies have resulted in an improved understanding of fume generation rates and fume composition and the development of a predictive model which relates fume generation rate to welding parameters. The work has also resulted in the publication of 'fume minimisation guidelines' for a wide range of processes and materials. Continuing work on the distribution of fume in the working environment and the development of low cost ozone sensors is also reported.

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