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Pang, W., Ahmed, N. & Dunne, D. (2011). Hardness and microstructural gradients in the heat affected zone of welded low-carbon quenched and tempered steels. Australasian Welding Journal, 56 (2), 36-48.


This paper concentrates on the form of the hardness gradient in the heat affected zones (HAZs) produced by submerged arc welding of two low-carbon Q & T steels. The results show unequivocally that the gradient differs from that found in steels of lower carbon equivalent in that the peak HAZ hardness is displaced from the grain coarsened heat affected zone (GCHAZ) into the grain refined heat affected zone (GRHAZ). Weld thermal cycle simulation has been used to confirm the results obtained from actual welds and to clarify the cause of this unexpected phenomenon.