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Grima, A., Hastie, D., Curry, D., Wypych, P. & La Roche, R. (2011). The beginning of a new era in design: Calibrated discrete element modelling. Australian Bulk Handling Review, 16 (6), 14-21.


The reliable storage and flow of bulk materials requires a comprehensive design process and good understanding of the flow properties of a bulk material. Analytical and empirical design techniques form the backbone of many design processes as they have been validated by research, however, theories based on continuum mechanics have many shortcomings and are restricted to 2-D analysis. Discrete element modelling (DEM) is proving to be a popular analysis and simulation method to verify designs for a wide range of bulk material processing and handling operations, such as transfer chutes. With the advances in computing and DEM technology, DEM has become a popular numerical method found on many engineers' desktops.