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M. D'Souza, M. Ros & A. Postula, "Using RFID and bluetooth for localised interaction with wireless embedded internet devices," in The 5th Workshop on the Internet, Telecommunications and Signal Processing, 2006, pp. 1-6.


Interaction with embedded devices can take on many forms. This paper describes the implementation of an interactive information network and intuitive mechanisms for the personal or home environment using Bluetooth wireless communication and Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tag technology. This approach combines the freedom associated with wireless communication and the ability to detect user commands by RFID location information. Embedded Access Points are described along with intuitive mechanisms including digital pen/paper, interactive information board and mobile computing devices. Specifically, the web access point facilitated an Internet over Bluetooth link and was found to provide an average data rate of 15.97kbps. The interaction methods are used to support both internet and messaging services. This paper outlines the implementation details of this successfully trialled information network. Future work includes the development of more services and the application of the interactive location-sensitive board to e-work and e-health scenarios.