Optimization of FRT active power performance of a DFIG during transient grid faults



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L. G. Meegahapola, D. Flynn & T. Littler, "Optimization of FRT active power performance of a DFIG during transient grid faults," in 4th International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems 2009, ICIIS 2009, 2009, pp. 477-482.


Optimal fault ride-through (FRT) conditions for a doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) during a transient grid fault are analyzed with special emphasis on improving the active power generation profile. The transition states due to crowbar activation during transient faults are investigated to exploit the maximum power during the fault and post-fault period. It has been identified that operating slip, severity of fault and crowbar resistance have a direct impact on the power capability of a DFIG, and crowbar resistance can be chosen to optimize the power capability. It has been further shown that an extended crowbar period can deliver enhanced inertial response following the transient fault. The converter protection and drive train dynamics have also been analyzed while choosing the optimum crowbar resistance and delivering enhanced inertial support for an extended crowbar period.

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