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Chung, K. Shing Kenneth. & Hossain, L. (2008). Network structure, ICT use and performance attitudes of knowledge workers. European Conference of Information Systems


In this study, we examine the effect of social network structure and information and communication technologies (ICT) use on performance attitudes of knowledge-intensive workers in dispersed occupational communities. We first develop a theoretical framework and use it to develop a valid and reliable survey instrument. Secondly, we apply structural hole measures (constraint and efficiency) for exploring the association with ICT use and attitudes to performance. Empirical results suggest that density of knowledge workers' professional network is positively associated with ICT use whereas network efficiency is negatively correlated with ICT use at both task and communication-structure level. The findings show that social network structure measures of density, efficiency and constraint are important factors that influence patterns and frequency of ICT use by knowledge workers rather than attitudes to performance.