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Cullis, B. R. & Gleeson, A. C. (1989). Efficiency of neighbour analysis for replicated variety trials in Australia. The Journal of Agricultural Science, 113 (2), 233-239.


Use of a one-dimensional neighbour method of analysis in 1019 variety trials of a range of crops conducted by plant breeders in four states of Australia in 1985–87 resulted in an average reduction of 42% in variances of varietal yield differences compared with conventional randomized complete block analysis. Of these trials, 219 were designed as square, rectangular or generalized lattices and the average reduction in variances of varietal yields with incomplete block analysis and recovery of interblock information was 33%. The results emphasized that plots should be wide enough to avoid interplot competition, and that neighbour analysis is of most benefit in trials with short plots or when the field layout has many plots in a row.



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