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Tajima, T., Canabal, A., Zhao, Y., Romanenko, A., Nantista, C., Tantawi, S., Phillips, L., Iwashita, Y., Campisi, I. & Moeckly, B. (2006). Tests on MgB2 for application to SRF cavities. EPAC 2006 (pp. 481-483).


Magnesium diboride (MgB2) has a transition temperature (Tc) of ~40 K, i.e., about 4 times higher than niobium (Nb). Studies in the last 3 years have shown that it could have about one order of magnitude less RF surface resistance (Rs) than Nb at 4 K and seems to have much less power dependence than high-Tc materials such as YBCO. However, it was also found that it will depend on the way you deposit the film. The result from on-axis pulsed laser deposition (PLD) showed rapid increase in Rs with higher surface magnetic fields compared to the film deposited with reactive evaporation method.