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Shamlaye, K. F., Laws, K. J., De Jong, B. & Ferry, M. (2012). Bonding of Mg-base metallic glass through rapid resistive welding. Materials Science & Technology 2012 (pp. 1-8).


Efficient joining of Magnesium-base bulk metallic glass can be achieved via bonding through resistance welding using rapid heating rates. Bonding of Mg-base metallic glasses (as well as regular magnesium alloys) is a process hindered by the ease of oxide formation in these materials. In this work, resistance welding of Mg65Cu25Y10 metallic glass sheets was investigated up to 627 K , below the liquidus temperature; and also within the supercooled liquid region (443-483 K) of the metallic glass; during processing times of a few seconds, creating strong joins -even when processed in air. It is seen that a fluxing pre-treatment of the material surface aids in achieving effective bonding. Our work has also shown that Mg-base metallic glasses can be effectively and easily joined to other types of materials.