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Ding, S. & Zhang, Y. (2012). Chain-die Forming, is it a right forming method to make structural parts of motor vehicles with UHSS material. International Conference on Advanced Vehicle Technologies and Integration (VTI 2012) (pp. 1-6).


Reducing the body weight of a motor vehicle is one of the most important research approaches in car manufacturing and steel making industries in order to reduce the pollution caused by motor vehicles. In this approach, ultra-high strength steel (UHSS) is developed by steel makers and has been applied more and more to motor vehicles. The UHSS materials have the required strength, but more or less the material's ductility is sacrificed to achieve this target. High strength materials are difficult to form using conventional forming methods. Forming high strength materials to parts effectively and economically is a high priority. Chain-die Forming is a newly developed sheet forming method which solves the problem of high redundant strain components during roll forming. Apart from producing uniform profile long and straight products, Chain-die Forming can also be employed to make simpler non-uniform products conventionally by stamping via design and machine the die-blocks to be a pair of stamping dies and then sliced to die-blocks jointed on the chain-links. When the dies are moving forward synchronously following the profiles of track boards, the stamping die-blocks are gradually enclosed to "stamp" the strip. This process then becomes continuous stamping. Such type of forming step can be lined in tandem, and then this process breaks down a typical stamping to a few small forming steps superposing bending and tension/compression instead of complex strain history during stamping. This paper introduces some preliminary studies of Chain-die Forming to UHSS materials and discusses some possible applications to make the structural parts of motor vehicles by Chain-die Forming in the future.