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H. Li, Q. Guo, L. Fang & D. Huang, "Multiuser diversity with capture in OFDMA systems with clustered feedback," in International Conference on Wireless Communications and Signal Processing, 2012, pp. 1-5.


In this paper, we propose a cluster-based feedback protocol for multiuser orthogonal frequency-division multipleaccess (OFDMA) systems, where the capture effect is employed in each cluster to reduce the enormous system overhead induced by polling channel-state information. Then, we analyze the system throughput performance of the proposed feedback protocol. Compared with the full feedback scheme in the literature, numerical simulations show that the proposed protocol with clustered feedback in OFDMA systems achieves higher system throughput by employing the capture effect with limited feedback overhead, when the number of users is reasonably large. Moreover, compared with our previous protocol of Multiuser Diversity with Capture, the proposed one additionally exploits multiuser diversity in the frequency domain, thereby achieving better throughput performance as shown by the simulation results.



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