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Horpibulsuk, S., Chinkulkijniwat, A., Cholaphatsron, A., Suebsuk, J. & Liu, M. D. (2012). Finite element analysis of consolidation behavior of composite soft ground. GeoCongress 2012 (pp. 940-947).


Columnar inclusion is one of the effective and widely used methods for improving engineering properties of soft clay ground. This paper investigates the consolidation behavior of composite soft clay ground using both physical model tests under an axial-symmetry condition and finite element simulations using the PLAXIS 2D program. Because the soil-cement column enhances the yield stress and stiffness of the composite ground, the composite ground is in an over-consolidated state under the applied vertical applied stresses. At this state, the rate of consolidation is rapid due to a high coefficient of consolidation. The consolidation of the composite ground is mainly controlled by the area ratio, the ratio of the diameter of the soil-cement column to the diameter of the composite ground, a . As the area ratio increases, the rate of consolidation increases and the final settlement decreases.



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