Study of Structural Periodic-like Layout Optimization Based on Guide-weight Method



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Jiao, H., Li, Y., Hu, S., Zuo, K., Lin, L., Jiang, Z. & Yu, Z. (2020). Study of Structural Periodic-like Layout Optimization Based on Guide-weight Method. Jixie Gongcheng Xuebao/Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 56 (13), 218-230.


© 2020 Journal of Mechanical Engineering. Limited by boundary dimension, optimization area of some structures cannot be divided into finite element meshes uniformly. This results in element volume dependency, which cannot be solved by conventional periodic topology optimization. A periodic-like layout optimization method is proposed based on the guide-weight method. With the minimum compliance as the objective function and the structural mass as the constraint condition, a mathematical model for the periodic-like layout optimization is constructed. The iterative criterion for periodic-like layout optimization is derived using the guide-weight method, and its physical meaning is explained and its optimization process is given. Based on the element strain energy density, an improved filtering scheme is proposed to solve the problem of element volume dependence in structural periodic-like layout optimization. The structural periodic-like layout optimization of cyclic symmetry structure, two-dimensional automobile hub structure and trapezoidal structure are researched using the proposed method. The research results show that the optimal topological form with periodic-like layout can be obtained when the number of subdomains is different. The optimal topological forms of three examples are evaluated by two evaluation indicators:performance index and relative strain energy. The feasibility and effectiveness of using the guide-weight method to solve the periodic-like layout optimization are verified.

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