Analysis of High Frequency (Supraharmonics) Emissions Caused by Electric Vehicle Charging



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D. Darmawardana, J. David, S. Perera, D. Robinson, J. Meyer & J. Jayatunga, "Analysis of High Frequency (Supraharmonics) Emissions Caused by Electric Vehicle Charging," in Proceedings of International Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power, ICHQP, 2020,


© 2020 IEEE. High frequency (HF) emissions in the range of 2-150 kHz (or Supraharmonics) originating due to the internal switching operation of power electronic devices are an emerging power quality concern in electricity distribution networks. Among many HF sources, electric vehicle (EV) chargers play an important role. However, the present understanding related to the behaviour of HF emissions due to EV charging is limited. Therefore, in this paper, HF emissions caused by charging of two EVs using their on-board chargers and a DC fast charging station are investigated. The findings of the study are expected to improve understanding related to HF emissions from EVs and provide important insights into modelling of EV chargers for HF studies.

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