Decider: A fuzzy multi-criteria group decision support system



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Ma, J., Lu, J. & Zhang, G. (2010). Decider: A fuzzy multi-criteria group decision support system. Knowledge-Based Systems, 23 (1), 23-31.


Multi-criteria group decision making (MCGDM) aims to support preference-based decision over the available alternatives that are characterized by multiple criteria in a group. To increase the level of overall satisfaction for the final decision across the group and deal with uncertainty in decision process, a fuzzy MCGDM process (FMP) model is established in this study. This FMP model can also aggregate both subjective and objective information under multi-level hierarchies of criteria and evaluators. Based on the FMP model, a fuzzy MCGDM decision support system (called Decider) is developed, which can handle information expressed in linguistic terms, boolean values, as well as numeric values to assess and rank a set of alternatives within a group of decision makers. Real applications indicate that the presented FMP model and the Decider software are able to effectively handle fuzziness in both subjective and objective information and support group decision-making under multi-level criteria with a higher level of satisfaction by decision makers.

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