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Begg, J., George, A., Alnaghy, S. J., Causer, T., Alharthi, T., Glaubes, L., Dong, B., Goozee, G., Liney, G., Holloway, L. & Keall, P. (2017). The Australian MRI-Linac Program: measuring profiles and PDD in a horizontal beam. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 777 (1), 012035-1-012035-4.


The Australian MRI-Linac consists of a fixed horizontal photon beam combined with a MRI. Commissioning required PDD and profiles measured in a horizontal set-up using a combination of water tank measurements and gafchromic film. To validate the methodology, measurements were performed comparing PDD and profiles measured with the gantry angle set to 0 and 90° on a conventional linac. Results showed agreement to within 2.0% for PDD measured using both film and the water tank at gantry 90° relative to PDD acquired using gantry 0°. Profiles acquired using a water tank at both gantry 0 and 90° showed agreement in FWHM to within 1 mm. The agreement for both PDD and profiles measured at gantry 90° relative to gantry 0° curves indicates that the methodology described can be used to acquire the necessary beam data for horizontal beam lines and in particular, commissioning the Australian MRI-linac.



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