Multilevel video representation with application to keyframe extraction



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Yu, X., Wang, L., Tian, Q. & Xue, P. (2004). Multilevel video representation with application to keyframe extraction. 10th International Conference on Multimedia Modelling (MMM) (pp. 117-123). Australia: IEEE.


Content-based video analysis calls for efficient video representation. In this paper, a novel multi-level representation of video is proposed based on the principle components derived from low-level visual features. It can characterize the video content from the coarse level to the fine level according to its intrinsic structure. This representation form provides a flexible scheme for video content analysis such as summarization, classification, and retrieval. A newly proposed subspace method, kernel based PCA, is explored to achieve this conveniently. The application in keyframe extraction is investigated to demonstrate the benefits of this representation.

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