Robust multi-level video representation using mean shift analysis



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Gao, H., Yu, X., Wang, L., Xue, P. & Tian, Q. (2004). Robust multi-level video representation using mean shift analysis. International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME) (pp. 627-630). Australia: IEEE.


A robust method for multi-level video representation based on the mean shift analysis (MSA) of low-level visual features is proposed in this paper. By tuning the bandwidth of MSA, video representation from the coarse level to the fine level can be achieved. This representation form provides a flexible scheme for content-based video analysis such as summarization, classification, and retrieval. Compared with the conventional k-means or fuzzy c-means algorithms, our method can adjust the resolution of representation in a more straightforward way, and is more robust since it does not need to initialize the cluster centers

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