A new equation for the shear strength of cable bolts incorporating the energy balance theory



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Rasekh, H., Mirzaghorbanali, A., Nemcik, J., Aziz, N. & Li, X. (2017). A new equation for the shear strength of cable bolts incorporating the energy balance theory. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering: an international journal, 35 (4), 1529-1548.


The application of cable bolts as a secondary support system is an increasing trend in underground coal mines worldwide. The performances of cable bolts have been evaluated under both axial and shear loading conditions. Two methods of testing cables for shear, single and double shear, have been recognised. This paper examines the shear behaviour of a variety of cable bolts under different pre-tension loads by double shear testing. Plain, spiral and the combination of both cable types were used in this study. The initial axial load and the type of cable bolts are the main factors affecting their shear strength. By increasing the axial pre-tension load, the peak shear load occurs at lower shear displacement. The failure angle due to cable bending across the joint at different pre-tension loads varied between 41° and 49°. This demonstrates that the ratio of axial and perpendicular displacements is almost constant and on average the failure occurs at about 45°. A novel analytical model is proposed to evaluate the shear behaviour of pre-tensioned fully grouted cable bolts subjected to double shearing. Energy and Fourier Series methods were incorporated in the model to simulate the shear behaviour of cable bolts. The comparison of the experimental results with the proposed model shows a good agreement.

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