A rational layout of double-row stabilizing piles for large-scale landslide control



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Xiao, S., Zeng, J. & Yan, Y. (2017). A rational layout of double-row stabilizing piles for large-scale landslide control. Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment, 76 (1), 309-321.


Double rows of stabilizing piles can be applied to large-scale landslide control; however, the geometry of the layout can substantially affect the lateral bearing capacity of the structure. Based on slope slippage and deformation mechanisms, this paper proposes a specific pile layout configuration¿an embedded rear-row pile (with the top of the pile embedded to a certain depth in the slope), and a full-length fore-row pile (with the top of the pile on the surface of the slope). This layout appears to be a rational arrangement for resisting a landslide with a polyline slip surface using double-row piles. As for landslides with a linear slip surface, a full-length pile layout of fore- and rear-row piles can be adopted. However, the area of sliding mass directly supported by the rear (upslope) and fore piles should be approximately equal (in plane) to ensure that the thrust force on the piles above the slip surface is close to the optimum condition. Based on a numerical simulation, this paper also discusses a method for determining a rational embedded depth for the top of the rear-row piles for landslides with polyline slip surfaces, as well as a more rational pile structural form in the case of relatively short distances between the two rows of piles. The results obtained in this paper provide theoretical support for a rational layout of double-row piles for large-scale landslide controls, and provide assistance for practical reinforced slope projects.

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